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For a consultation relating to counsel work.

For an arbitrator appointment.

Laborde Law offers a range of international dispute settlement related services:

  • Act as counsel in: ​​​

    • Investment arbitration

    • Commercial arbitration

    • Interstate disputes

    • Arbitration-related litigation 

  • International Investment and Commercial Arbitration​:

    • Notice of dispute & cooling off 

    • Settlement discussions

    • Request for arbitration or answer to the request

    • Evidence gathering

    • Provisional measures 

    • Document production and management

    • Briefs on jurisdiction, merits and quantum 

    • Hearings

  • Court applications in support of arbitration :

    • Evidence gathering

    • Provisional measures 

    • Recognition & enforcement 

    • Execution of arbitral awards ​


  • Act as co-counsel to:

    • Local counsel in need of international arbitration expertise;

    • Law firms in need of specific arbitration or industry expertise, or additional support;

    • Barristers who focus solely on the advocacy and prefer not to be involved in either client management or fact-finding. 

  • Provide legal advice on issues of international law.

  • Further, Gustavo Laborde accepts appointments as arbitrator in both investment and commercial matters.

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